Monday, 6 May 2013

New Hands on the reins at Stagecoach.

Martin Griffiths has taken over from Sir Brian Souter to become the new Stagecoach CEO.

Martin Griffiths Stagecoach CEO. 
Martin Griffiths
Appointment to the Board:
Age: 47
Committee Membership: Health, Safety and Environmental.
External appointments: Virgin Rail Group Holdings Limited (Co-Chairman), Robert Walters plc (Senior Independent Non-Executive Director), AG Barr plc (Non-Executive Director).
Previous experience: A Chartered Accountant, Martin Griffiths is a former Director of Troy Income & Growth Trust plc. He was young Scottish Finance Director of the year in 2004.
Executive responsibilities: Previously the Group’s Finance Director, Martin Griffiths was appointed Chief Executive from 1 May 2013. He is responsible for the Group’s overall strategy and management of all of the Group’s operations.

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  1. Interesting view of Martin Griffiths: “Buses are 85pc-90pc of our profits. People think we’re making huge margins in UK rail, but we make operating profit margins of about 3pc on UK rail and 17pc in our UK regional bus companies. Railways are some kind of middle-class thing. People want to talk about rail. We have to accept that, but we have to keep making the case for 'bus’ in this country. Bus is still by far the most important way for people to travel and it’s a good story.”