Thursday 20 June 2013

Bedford in Dalkeith

A quiet news day so here's a look back to Derek Thomson's 1956 Plaxton bodied Bedford SBG

Derek Thompson's Bedford SB picks its way through Dalkeith having visited the Scottish Vintage Vehicle Museum Open Day at Lathalmond in 2005. This was the first outing since restoration and the vehicle is still in undercoat. The Bedford looks tiny compared to the modern coach which is approaching from the other direction. This years Lathalmond  event will be on the weekend of 17th and 18th August.  Details
 The Bedford was extensively restored by Derek Thomson. Amongst many items it received
 a new petrol engine.
 The vehicle received  a coat of white paint and a maroon band in the style it carried when in service with Swan's of Berwick. There are many shades of white and in this instance the white never seemed
to suit the vehicle.

 The Bedford at Belsay Hall in company with Derek's other restorations