Wednesday 25 September 2013

Deckers in Berlin

Berlin is famous for running double deck vehicles in service when most other European countries have standardised on single deck buses. David Gambles is spending time there and sends us these pictures.

 Heading to the Zooilogical Gardens in the rain is this MAN double decker on route X10
 Double decks are also used on sightseeing duties as seen here with a Volvo engined vehicle and in view of the weather, with the top deck suitably covered over.
 There are many body types in service on sightseeing, this unidentified vehicle above and below, working under the City Circle brand. 

 This one appears to be a MAN Bussing according to the wording on the front panel and has Gray Line branding as well City Circle
 Here, a modern MAN vehicle splashes through the rain on service M19
 A Setra is seen here running for Top Tour
 Also for Top Tour is a Neoplan vehicle. The passengers seem happy so the weatherproofing must be working well
 Another name is Stadtrundfahrten (careful how you pronounce that!) seen above and below

 It didn't move so the picture had to be taken complete with tree and motor scooter!
 This older vehicle above and below was running under the Berliner brand, somehow I'm reminded of Nottingham on this one. 

 Well, this definitely a sightseeing vehicle, no doubt about that, but I haven't a clue which company it is working for.
 Another modern MAN vehicle above and below, this time on route M29. The bus is in advertising livery, but note the lack of contravision, giving the passengers a good view.

 Finally, a City Circle / Gray Line vehicle passing the very upmarket Kaufhaus des Westens department store. All customers in this store seem very prosperous!