Thursday 6 February 2014



However, in what is believed to be an unprecedented move, Transport for London (TfL), has made provision for extra vehicles to operate over selected routes as "EXTRAS", in a bid to ease the additional burden placed upon the bus route network. Whilst many of the extra vehicles are modern, allowances have been made to operate vintage vehicles including half cab AEC Routemasters and Regents (ex.London RM and RT type), along with Daimler Fleetline, MCW Metrobus and a Leyland PD3.

Part routes served by the extra vehicles are

25     Between Stratford & Holborn
26     Between Shoreditch & Waterloo
27     Between Hammersmith & Baker Street
29     Bwetween Trafalgar Square & Nags Head, Holloway
38     Between Victoria & Angel, Islington 
91     Between Tottenham/Crouch End & Kings Cross
257   Between Stratford & Leytonstone

Companies involved and vehicles supplied

Amber Coaches      Volvo B7TL (route 26)
Coaches Etcetera   Volvo B7TL (route 27)
Galleon                   Volvo B7TL (route 38)
Ensignbus               AEC Regent and Routemaster, Daimler Fleetline, Dennis Trident, Leyland Fleetline and  PD3, MCW Metrobus, Volvo B7TL, B9TL, Olympian (routes 25,38,91,257)
London Bus Co      AEC Regent and Routemaster (route 29)
Seaford & District   Dennis Trident (route 27)
Stephensons          Scania (route 91)
Travelmasters        Volvo B7TL and B9TL (routes 26,91)

So herewith a selection of buses from the first day of the strike from various locations, much of the operation co-ordinated by Ensignbus

The above image supplied by Malcolm Conway

First a selection of the classic buses 'on parade'. Whilst most buses were Low Emission Zone (LEZ) compliant, several were not, but provision was made for their usage in service. Thus some examples below from the Ensignbus 'heritage' fleet.

The above four images supplied by Malcolm Conway

The above four images supplied by Gerard Butler

Other more modern buses were also used, again many from Ensignbus, but also from other operators.

 Images supplied by Gerard Butler (top) and Malcolm Conway (bottom three)

Additionally, most of the TfL approved and established operators of contracted routes ran additional buses shown as "EXTRAS", over a number of their own routes. These threw up some surprising oddities to routes, including single-decks on double-deck routes, some of their own 'heritage' buses and the sight of corporate-liveried Stagecoach buses on Stagecoach London routes.  


 Images supplied by Gerard Butler (top) and Brian Bell (bottom)

Well that's it for Day 1, tomorrow we will hopefully illustrate further images, in perhaps not so damp conditions. Our grateful thanks are extended by the Focus Transport team to all the London-based 'paparazzo'(!) for allowing us to use their kind submissions.