Monday, 3 February 2014

Travels on a Bus Pass

Ken Jones received his bus pass recently and has been travelling around the West Midlands area. He sent us these views of the local transport scene.

 Contrasts. Above, ADL Enviro 400 Hybrid and below GRS Travel Dennis Dart SLF Plaxton, 
which was new in 1997 to Metroline

 Volvo B7TL/Wright Eclipse Gemini 4660 with Wright bodywork and below ADL Enviro 400

 Above & below, Volvo B7TL/Alexander ALX400's In view of the bus pass theme Ken thought it appropriate that the above vehicle was registered BV52 OAP

 Scania OmniLink 1871 (BX58 SYV) 

 Ken managed to see trams and trains on his travels as seen above and below. The picture below was taken at Hall Green Station which is under repair.