Monday, 14 April 2014

94% of Supertram Customers Satisfied With Service

More than nine out of 10 Supertram passengers are satisfied with their tram services, according to independent research by Passenger Focus.
The results of the Passenger Focus survey, show that 94% of tram customers in Sheffield were either very or fairly satisfied with their overall service. No Supertram passengers surveyed said they were dissatisfied overall. 

Supertram’s overall passenger satisfaction score is above the average score of 90% for the five UK light rail networks covered in the survey. In addition, comparisons with recent bus passenger satisfaction results show that Supertram customers are even more satisfied with their service than bus passengers in South Yorkshire.
The results showed that:
• Seven out of 10 Supertram passengers were very or fairly satisfied with value for money
• 84% were very/fairly satisfied with punctuality
• 93% were very/fairly satisfied with tram stops in Sheffield
• 93% were very/fairly satisfied with the interior cleanliness and on-board condition of trams
• 92% were very/fairly satisfied with on-tram journey time
• Nine of out 10 passengers were very/fairly satisfied with the Supertram’s connections with other forms of transport
In the areas of satisfaction with value for money, punctuality and journey time Supertram achieved even higher scores than South Yorkshire bus operators.
Supertram continues to offer integrated travel tickets which allow customers unlimited use of both Stagecoach buses and trams in Sheffield.
Supertram Managing Director Margaret Kay said: “South Yorkshire has an excellent public transport network and this latest survey shows that Supertram is leading the way. That’s why we’re so focused on offering great value, integrated travel so people can make the most of tram and bus services.
“We offer high-quality, great value, fast, frequent and punctual tram services which connect easily to other modes of transport and it’s great to see that our customers have recognised that.
“People in Sheffield rightly take great pride in their tram network and we work hard every day to deliver the services that they rely on to access employment, education, health and leisure facilities. Along with SYPTE, we are also involved in helping to safeguard the tram network for many years to come through the on-going rail replacement project which also marks the beginning of work on the new Tram-Train pilot. However, we are not complacent and will continue to improve our services for our customers in the months and years to come.”
Last month Supertram announced a price freeze on single tram tickets, as well as tram and bus dayrider and megarider tickets. In addition, the company has launched a 25% discount on its 13-week tram megarider ticket which has been reduced from £131 to £95 and offers unlimited tram travel for just £7.31 per week. This offer is available online until 22 June 2014 and reflects the continued track improvement works being carried out across the Supertram network this year which will impact some customers.

Supertram is also reducing the price of its tram - only child weekly megarider ticket and, along with bus company Stagecoach Yorkshire, is also introducing several new child tickets.  These are available for young people with a South Yorkshire Megatravel pass or a 16-18 student pass and will offer unlimited weekly bus and tram travel for just 78p per day.