Monday, 21 April 2014

Catch the Bus Week 28th April to the 4th May

Greener Journeys will once again be spearheading Catch the Bus Week this spring, a week-long series of events running from 28th April to the 4th May.

The campaign’s key aim is to get people who don’t normally take the bus to make the switch during the week. In addition to encouraging modal shift, the campaign also aims to increase awareness of the benefits of bus travel in the UK in the process.
Greener Journeys wants this year’s campaign to be even bigger than last year, creating a lasting shift in perceptions among those who don’t normally take the bus. There will be a myriad of ways to get involved; from taking part in local bus company’s activities and promotions; to promoting the week in local bus areas, online, in newsletters or your office; to running your own promotion, event or competition; to challenging people in local communities to switch one car journey to a bus during the week.

According to Greener Journey "There are so many great reasons to travel by bus and we want to really showcase these through the week through a nationwide media campaign, combined with activities organised by local bus companies, local authorities, PTEs and passenger organisations amongst others."