Tuesday 22 April 2014

Kirkby Stephen Easter Rally

The Easter Kirkby Stephen & Brough Rally took place in glorious weather. As usual there was a large selection of exhibits taking part, with crowds of visitors making use of the free bus services between exhibition sites.

 This RE is registered THU 354G but to match the United livery in which it has been painted,
 a set of United number plates are sometimes fitted for photography purposes
GWM 816 is a rare Crossley SD42/7 aquired in dilapidated condition by St Margarets Transport Society, Liverpool. The vehicle is now with Lead Mill Private Collection Co Durham.

 KUO 972 is a Bristol K6B which was used as a farm bus after use by
Southern Natioinal. It is owned by D Hoare of Chepstow and this was
 the first rally the bus had attended since restoration.

 Ready for the Road Run. Buses that were taking part in the Road Run were lined up in readiness
for the 5pm departure. Passengers could then choose which which vehicle they wanted to travel on
for the trip which takes in some impressive Cumbrian scenery. (see below)

More pictures can be seen on the FocusFlickr site https://www.flickr.com/photos/focus_on_flickr/