Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Clan Project

Sir William McAlpine Bt has become Patron of the Clan Project which is a Volunteer led Charitable Organisation and Limited Company, building a brand new B.R. Class 6MT 'Clan' Pacific Steam Locomotive, for the 21st Century railway, utilising the original B.R. design drawings and incorporating many improvements necessary for the modern railway in addition to those planned in the original Lot 242 design.

The locomotive will be a true 'series production' machine, albeit much improved, the 11th of the class, and will take the next number and name in the original Crewe Works itinerary: 72010 'HENGIST'.

The company is responsible for administering its construction, operation and maintenance and to facilitate its demonstration and display for historical, educational and recreational purposes both on the mainline and heritage railways throughout the country. 
Over the weekend of the 17/18th May members had the good fortune to be invited by Sir William McAlpine Bt., to participate in the birthday celebrations held at Fawley Hill for Lady Judy McAlpine.
This was a good way to spread the word that the project is up and running and to hand out membership leaflets.
The members also took the opportunity to present Sir William with a 'Clan McAlpine' nameplate, at the same time expressing their thanks that he had agreed to become Patron. He was most enthusiastic in his reception of this gift, expressing his sincere thanks for “This wonderful object”.

 Prior to being presented to Sir William the Clan McAlpine name plate was on display along with one of the Hengist name plates, plus an original name plate from Clan Cameron, very generously loaned for the weekend by its present owner. This meant that for most of the two days of the event there were three original Clan Class locomotive name plates on display. This induced many people to come over to visit the display having noticed what must indeed have been a unique spectacle.

Details about Fawley hill can be found here here and here