Saturday 6 September 2014


Off peak is changing

Save by travelling outside busy commuter times

There are a range of Off-Peak Day tickets giving you more choice of which ticket to buy at various times of day.

When are Off-Peak tickets valid?

Off-Peak Singles and Returns (not Off-Peak Day) are generally restricted in the morning peak period.
Off-Peak Day Singles and Returns are restricted in the morning peak period. There are currently no evening peak-period restrictions with these tickets, except for journeys wholly within the Merseytravel ticketing area.
Evening peak restrictions will apply from Monday 8 September 2014 for all journeys wholly within the Transport for Greater Manchester, Travel South Yorkshire and Metro (West Yorkshire) areas. Also included are lines radiating out of Manchester and Leeds, and on the Newcastle to Hexham line.

Changes from Monday 8 September 2014

From Monday 8 September off-peak tickets will no longer be able to be used at peak times during weekday evenings on local rail services in Greater Manchester, West Yorkshire and South Yorkshire from 16.01 - 18.29. The change will also apply to services between Hexham and Newcastle from 16.01 - 17.59.
If you currently use off-peak tickets during the evening peak you will either have to travel earlier or later, or buy an anytime ticket.
Check our maps to see if your journey is affected

Greater Manchester

Restrictions apply to journeys that start and finish on routes marked in red.
For stations / routes marked in green restrictions apply to/from these locations to Manchester / Salford stations.

Routes to and from Manchester

Restrictions apply to the following ticket types:
  • Off-Peak Day Singles / Returns
  • Duo
  • GM Rail Ranger
  • Daysaver TB (Train and Bus), Daysaver TM (Train and Metro) and Daysaver TBM (Train, Bus and Metro)