Thursday, 22 January 2015

Ten Minute Flight Launched

Passengers on a new flight planned between Vienna and Bratislava will barely have time to open the inflight magazine and order hot drink between take-off and landing. 

FlyNiki, a low-cost Austrian airline, has announced plans for what it claims is the world’s shortest international flight – a 30-mile trip between the Austrian and Slovakian capitals.
But baring in mind that the journey takes just an hour by car and even less by train - one wonders if it's worth the hassle of faffing around in immigration and check-in. 

It's also a fifteen minute drive to the airport from central Bratislava and 20 minutes from Vienna, so a bus ride might even be quicker, and it would certainly be cheaper. 
Perhaps aptly, the route, which will cover around 30 miles,  launches on April 1, and while it's likely to be on the radar of many aviation enthusiasts, it's unlikely to be an appealing option for most regular travellers.

Bosses at the airline admit it will be primarily useful for those with connecting flights from Vienna. 
The world's shortest flight is currently the mile-long journey from Westray to Papa Westray in Scotland's Orkey Islands, which can take as few as 47 seconds, depending on wind direction.
A bidding war over the route was settled in 2013, with the contract being awarded to Scottish airline Loganair, its current operator.
Meanwhile, the record for longest flight goes to Qantas' 17-hour , 8,500-mile trip from Sydney to Dallas. 

FlyNiki History and Fleet Details can be found here