Saturday, 28 February 2015


All-night services extended to Overground, DLR and most Tube lines


All-night services are to run at weekends on most Tube lines, the London Overground and Docklands Light Railway.
Weekend trains are due to start running 24-hours on the Piccadilly, Victoria, Central, Jubilee and Northern lines by the end of the year.
Night-time services will be extended to the Metropolitan, Circle, District, and Hammersmith & City lines by 2021.
Services will be extended on the London Overground in 2017 and the Docklands Light Railway by 2021.
The plans are part of a six-point long term economic plan Chancellor George Osborne and London Mayor Boris Johnson said would add £6.4bn to the London economy by 2030 and create half a million new jobs.
The government said it will provide £10bn of funding for investment in new London transport infrastructure over the next parliament, including new Tube improvements, better roads, more buses and cycle lanes, amid predictions the population of the capital is expected to reach 10 million by the early 2030s.

The so called "night Tube" was announced in November 2013, with all-night services expected to run on Fridays and Saturdays on the Piccadilly, Victoria, Central, Jubilee and Northern lines from September.

Tube services from central London currently finish at around 00:30 GMT on Friday and Saturday nights.
Mr Osborne said: "We live in a 24-hour city, and the mayor is going to set out how our plan will deliver a 24-hour Tube operation to support it."

The chancellor and mayor outlined a six-point plan for what they called "a 24-hour London".

  • Outpace the growth of New York, adding £6.4bn to the London economy by 2030
  • Create more than half a million extra jobs by 2020
  • Address London's housing shortage building more than 400,000 new homes by 2025
  • Deliver £10bn of new investment in transport over the next parliament
  • Make London a centre of the world's creative and commercial life, including a new feasibility study to develop a world class concert hall led by the Barbican Centre
  • New powers for the Mayor of London to support economic growth and have more control over planning powers

 Mr Johnson said: "As London's population continues to grow, it is investments in infrastructure such as this which will ensure that the capital remains competitive and the best big city to live in."
Labour London Assembly member Tom Copley said: "With fares up more than 40% under Boris Johnson passengers rightly expect to see improvements but the fact is these plans won't come into effect until well after Boris Johnson and George Osborne have left power."
Steve Hedley, senior assistant general secretary of the RMT, said the union was not opposed to the changes, but they did not want to compromise passenger safety.
"We understand it is going to create jobs and it is going to help the economy, but we can't do that at the expense of the safety and comfort of our passengers and indeed our staff," he said.
"We are all for the night Tube and we understand it's going to help the city but we do need adequate staffing and they need to stop this crazy proposal to close all the ticket offices."
Mike Brown, managing director of London Underground, has previously said: "The new service will boost jobs and will benefit the economy by hundreds of millions of pounds."
Transport for London (TfL) also confirmed it will extend wi-fi to all below ground sections of the Tube by the end of the next parliament.

TfL announced it is ordering 200 more new Routemaster buses this year and committing to 800 new vehicles each year from 2016 onwards.

Friday, 27 February 2015


The train fare trick that can save railway user MILLIONS: Website uses secret code to find cheaper tickets by splitting a journey into legs while travelling on same train

  • The website allows passengers to save money on fares
  • Buying tickets for separate legs of journey on the same train is cheaper
  • Trains must stop at stations where all tickets are valid to and from
  • But passengers don't have to get off, allowing for huge savings on tickets 
Rail passengers could save millions of pounds a year thanks to a secret computer code which finds cut-price fares normally hidden from the public.
Founders of the website are helping travellers buy cheaper ‘split tickets’.
This means that instead of buying one ticket for a journey, passengers can break their trip up into legs – offering a lower combined fare while travelling on the same train.
The website’s founders believe rail companies are overcharging passengers on 42 per cent of tickets sold.

And they say their tool can save an average of 22 per cent on the fares listed on train company websites.
For example, a single off-peak ticket from Plymouth to Derby can cost £129.50 using the Trainline site. But buying five separate, single tickets for the route costs just £79.80 – a saving of £49.70.
Similarly, depending on the hours of travel, a return ticket between Manchester and London can cost £270. But by using to find five separate tickets, that is cut to just £179.50, saving £90.50.
The train has to stop at the stations where all the tickets are valid to and from, but passengers need not get off. 
Hereford-based computer programmer Nick Brown, 45, tried for three years to create a search engine to find cheap fares.

But it wasn't until he met rail buff Mark Richardson and his business partner George Sikking that he gained access to the pair’s vast databases of timetables, fares and reservations for the UK rail network.
They launched the site last April with freelance software developer Paul Kelly, and it is used by 20 to 30 passengers a day.
Mr Brown, 45, said: ‘Before we had access to this massive database, it would take the most hardcore of passengers to actually sit down with the National Fares Manual and go through it to find the cheapest deal.
‘And you can’t stand at a kiosk and ask staff to work out the price of each individual journey. 
'They don’t have enough time, and it’s not part of their job.’
Mr Richardson told The Sunday Times: ‘The idea is to take insider knowledge and make it available to the general traveller, so they don’t have to work anything out themselves.’

The four experts now want to extend the service to tickets which include travel on London’s Tube.
They are working on an algorithm to show passengers how to buy cheaper fares if they are happy for their journey to take longer.

Although it is allowed under the conditions of carriage, train firms have in the past lobbied the government to banish split-ticketing.
The website also has a split-ticketing search engine, offering only two split legs.

Read more:


In contrast another visit to the Barrow Hill Roundhouse near to Chesterfield by the Focus Transport team illustrates a variety of older steam and diesel engines. These can now be viewed in an album by clicking here

An earlier set of diesel engines in an album can also be viewed by clicking here

Thursday, 26 February 2015

BUT FIRST THE NEWTS..........................

Ilkeston railway station: Newts cause further delays

Work to build a £6.5m railway station in Ilkeston may not be completed until August 2016, after more great crested newts were found at the site.
The project, due to be completed by now, was delayed in July by the protected species and later due to flood concerns.
Strict monitoring rules dictate that the site needs to be free of newts for five days before work can progress.
Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin said the delay was "frustrating".
"It should have been open by now," he said. "I hope within the next 12-18 months that the station is operating."

Ilkeston station plan  

Flooding concerns and the presence of great crested newts have delayed the opening of Ilkeston Station
Geoff Pickford, strategic director for highways at the Labour-run Derbyshire County Council, said the newts had caused "one or two problems".
"We're waiting for temperatures to rise so we can start trapping again," he said.
About 171 newts have been caught, but the amphibians hibernate over the winter so the process has slowed down.
Erewash's Conservative MP Jessica Lee urged the county council to get more people working at the site so progress can be made.
In response, Mr Pickford said: "It isn't a question of getting more people working on it.
"The whole site is fenced off, the traps are in place, it's simply a question of waiting for newts to fall into them."
He added that one of the station's car parks would have to be made smaller due to flood prevention work.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015


Double-decker rubber-neckers are breaching our human rights! Residents on affluent street complain because top-deck bus passengers can see into their houses

  • Homeowners claim new double-decker bus service is infringing privacy
  • The number 32 was introduced for high demand of students in peak times
  • But residents fear potential burglars could use bus to scout out properties
  • Parish council complained to travel company First Group on their behalf
  • But bus firm defended its decision, saying bus is needed due to demand
Residents on an affluent street have complained to council bosses because top-deck bus passengers can see in their houses.
Homeowners in Worcester, West Midlands, claim their privacy and security has been put at risk since transport company First Group began operating a double-decker bus service.
The number 32 route was introduced a few weeks ago to accommodate a large group of students at a nearby college during peak times.

But residents on the street, where an average house costs £300,000, fear that potential burglars could use the top-deck to scout out vulnerable properties and have written to the parish council. 
Resident David North, 74, said: 'We are particularly vulnerable at our location as the bus stop is located directly behind our rear fence, we feel the bus is almost in our garden.

'We have lived here for 12 years and we understood that only single-decker buses were allowed on this route due to the fact that most of the houses have rear gardens that back onto [the main road] and therefore are overlooked from the top deck.
'My neighbours and I believe this is an intrusion into our privacy.
'Single-decker buses, however, are not visible above our fence and this is what we have always expected and wish to return to.'

Another resident, who did not want to be named, added: 'When the summer comes I don't want students rubber-necking at me as I get dressed in my bedroom or stare at me while I'm sunbathing in my garden.
'It's human instinct to look out of the window of bus but I hate the idea of being like an animal in the zoo for the entertainment of a bored passenger.

'When you spend several hundred thousands of pounds on a house you expect a certain amount of privacy for your money. I feel this double-decker bus is breaching my human rights.'
St Peter's Parish Council has now taken up the resident's complaints and written to First Group outlining privacy, security and safety concerns.
Councillor Brenda Wheeler, 65, who also lives on the road, said the decision to use double-decker buses would 'discourage people from making use of their own gardens'.
The retired Church of England administrator added: 'I have lived on the road for 28 years and we have only had single-decker buses with no problems whatsoever.
'The last few weeks we've started seeing double-decker ones and they've become more and more frequent recently.
'It doesn't affect us because we put in some trees but there are five house that back on to the road that are badly affected.
'There are worries about burglary and it is a worry about security and safety for children and animals.
'They can look in and see nothing has been moved in there for the last two weeks so think they must be on holiday and jump over the fence.
'People should not be able to look in to your garden or straight into your bedroom window.'
First Group defended their decision to switch to double-decker buses to 'develop better operational links'.
A spokesperson said: 'We have received a complaint on behalf of some residents living in the area, stating that double-decker buses are intruding on their privacy.
'As a local business that carries thousands of people around the city daily we sometimes need to change our operation to meet the demands of our customers.

'This means that vehicle types may change to meet capacity demands and also to develop better operational links to wider areas within our bus network.
'St Peter's is an area that has had a long established bus route that over the years has seen different size buses operate along it.
'Recently due to the extra demand for higher capacity to serve Blessed Edward Oldcorne Catholic College at peak times we need to operate double-decker buses.' 

Last year residents in Stoke-on-Trent complained to the same bus company over issues of privacy and safety with double-decker buses.
They were told that the service was in operation to accommodate capacity at certain times of day.

Monday, 23 February 2015


The redundant Virgin Trains ‘Prentendolino’ Mk3 stock used on peak hour services on the West Coast Main Line, is now redundant. It has been transferred to Abellio Greater Anglia’s Norwich Crown Point (as set NC64) for operation on the Great Eastern Main Line between Norwich and London Liverpool Street to cover for Mark 3 coaching stock away for refurbishment.  So far it’s stayed attach├ęd to 90001 ‘Crown Point’.

90001 and NC64 on the approach to Colchester (Russell Young)

A new tram stop at Victoria Station in Manchester has reopened after it closed 12 months ago as part of a wider £44m refurbishment at the site.

Trams from Bury and Rochdale are terminating at the stop as new platforms and tracks have been built in the Network Rail project.

Redevelopment of the site includes a new £20m roof.
During the closure, trams have been passing through Victoria in both directions on a single track without stopping for safety reasons.
Victoria-bound passengers have been alighting at Shudehill.
Peter Cushing, Transport for Greater Manchester's Metrolink director, said: "Although there will still be a lot of construction activity in the station, it will restore key services and connections for passengers."

The station roof had leaked since 1996, when a bomb believed to have been planted by the IRA exploded in the city centre.


As National Express West Midlands prepares to unveil new buses during 2015, they will be accompanied by revisions to liveries. 175 new bus include Alexander Dennis Enviro400 (MMC) as the chosen double-deck type and will feature a two-tone red livery with yellow relief. However, 58 of these will have a grey livery for new premium quality 'Platinum' services.

By coincidence as 2014 closed the last of the buses in the blue, grey, white and red livery were going through the paint shop and re-appearing in the current red and white livery.

And on the subject of liveries..........................


Several miles north of the West Midlands territory, Burton-upon-Trent is the focus of the team with the latest set of images added to the albums. Arriva, Midland Classic and Trent all operate services in and around the town and provide a variety of vehicle types and design. Whilst Arriva and Trent use buses mostly acquired from new, Midland Classic's fleet is in the main second-hand, but that is not to say they are any the less well maintained mechanically and perhaps moreso visually. The red and yellow livery does add some brightness to the surroundings.
The set of images can now be viewed on the New Flickr site by clicking here

Sunday, 22 February 2015

BYD Launches Electric Coach

BYD Motors Inc. has officially unveiled the world's first long range, 100% Battery Electric Over the Road Coach Bus. This first electric coach, named the BYD C9, is a two-axle, 40' coach with the seating capacity to carry 47 people at highway speeds for over 190 miles. "The transportation industry is still just warming up to the idea of Battery Electric transit buses," said BYD Coach & Bus Vice President of Sales, Macy Neshati. "It was exciting to walk around last year's APTA Expo in Houston and see so many reputable names displaying an electrified transit bus. However, I don't think anybody thought they would see a viable electric coach solution for a few more years."

The BYD C9 is the first of three 100% Battery Electric coaches the company will launch globally this year. The other two, a 45' three-axle coach named the C10 and a 23' coach with executive and transport configurations named the C6 will be arriving by the end of 2015, and BYD sales managers at the 2015 UMA Expo were adamant about the fact they are taking orders for all three of the coaches starting now. "Last year, BYD pulled away from the competition in the transit space when they launched a 30' low floor bus and a 60' articulated bus in addition to their 40' bus making them the only electric bus builder with multiple offerings. This year the launch of three coach buses puts BYD on a level with no other bus or coach OEM. Not many people know this about BYD but we are a multibillion-dollar company employing nearly 190,000 people worldwide. There simply has never been a bus manufacturer in the United States with this sort of engineering or manufacturing power, that's why I tell every customer I meet with they should go BYD, it's the safe choice!" said Neshati.

Saturday, 21 February 2015


Paul Beardsley has kindly provided a small set of pictures taken by him on Valentine’s Day 14th February 2015, whilst alongside the East Coast Main Line at Penny's Crossing, Rossington.

67026 Diamond Jubilee is in charge of UK Railtours The Settle and Carlisle Winter Wonderland, 1Z66, 0817 London Kings Cross to Carlisle. 67005 Queen's Messenger was on the rear.

East Coast liveried 82228 leads 1E06, 0650 Glasgow Central to London Kings Cross. 91121 was providing the power on the rear. Not long to go now before the franchise change.

GBRf 66756/66747 are in charge of the 1051 Doncaster Down Decoy to Peterborough empty PGA wagons.

70016 and 66501 Japan 2001 are in charge of the 0614 Felixstowe North F.L.T. to Leeds F.L.T.

43238 is leading 1S11, 1000 London Kings Cross to Aberdeen. 43299 is on the rear.

And finally some nostalgia.
Railway Touring Company's  The Valentines White Rose, 1Z26, 0708 London Kings Cross - York was in the hands of Battle of Britain 34067 Tangmere, standing in for A4 60009 Union of South Africa which was unavailable.


From ancient nostalgia to modern innovation.

The latest design from Wrightbus is the Streetdeck. Whilst the mechanics beneath are Daimler (Mercedes-Benz) engine coupled to a Voith gearbox, outwardly the bus comes as something of a change with its appearance. Although that said, the established Eclipse Gemini 3 body style is available as an alternative.
On the United Kingdom mainland, so far only one has appeared in revenue-earning service with Arriva's operations in the City of Derby. Images of this and other Streetdecks can now be found on the Features site by clicking here

Friday, 20 February 2015

Go-Ahead Group Pre-tax Profits Grow

Go-Ahead Group plc have increased revenues by nearly £190m in the first half of its current financial year. The Group saw overall group revenues increase from £1.37bn to £1.56bn.
Results were in line with management expectations as pre-tax profits increased from £40.3m to £44.7m during the period.

 David Brown
David Brown, the Group’s chief executive, said second half results were expected to follow suit.
Operating profit was up 8.4% to £45.1m across the firm’s Bus division, while operating profits fell 2.9% to £10.2m across Rail operations.
Mr Brown said: “I am pleased with the Group’s financial performance in the first half of the year, with overall operating profit of £55.3m.
“We believe that increased rail infrastructure investment is essential to improve services and we welcomed the Government’s £38bn programme of infrastructure investment last year. While an investment programme of this scale will deliver enormous benefit in the long term, it will inevitably result in disruption while infrastructure improvements are made. We acknowledge the significant effect this has on passengers and are working closely with Network Rail to minimise the impact of this disruption.
“Overall, the Board’s expectations for the full year results remain unchanged, with second half profits expected to be similar to those in the first half of the year for both our bus and rail divisions.
“The Group remains in a good financial position, with strong cash generation and a robust balance sheet supporting our progressive dividend policy and allowing flexibility to pursue value-adding opportunities.”
Go Ahead’s proposed interim dividend increased by 4.3% to 26.6p, in line with 2013/14 full year dividend increase.

Thursday, 19 February 2015


Rail commuters from south-east England into London are most likely to have their journeys delayed, according to a report by consumer association Which? They are also most likely to be unhappy with their service, the poll of 7,309 travellers suggested.
Southern had the worst score of any service, with 39% of passengers reporting a delay on their last journey, compared to 14% for c2c.
The government says it is investing record amounts in the rail network.
The report was based on responses from commuter and leisure travellers based on journeys they had taken in the 12 months ending November 2014.
The criteria for the survey included availability of seating, cleanliness of toilets and carriages, punctuality and value for money.
Travellers were also asked if they had experienced a delay on the last journey they had taken with their train company.

Overall, 29% of rail passengers said they had suffered a delay when they last travelled.
Three quarters of those held up for more than an hour said they were not told that this meant they qualified for a full refund.
Those least satisfied overall with their service were customers travelling on Thameslink and Great Northern/First Capital Connect routes - they had an overall satisfaction score of 43%.
Southeastern got 44%, with Southern and Abellio Greater Anglia scoring 46%.

Grand Central had the best satisfaction score of 76%, with First Hull Trains getting 69% and Merseyrail scoring 64%.
Which? executive director Richard Lloyd said long delays and consistently low levels of customer service were "driving commuters to distraction".
He added: "Passengers often have little or no choice as to the rail companies they travel with, so as ticket prices continue to rocket, more must be done to improve customers' satisfaction and to inform people of their right to a refund as a result of delays."

Passengers on c2c trains experienced the fewest delays
Martin Abrams, public transport campaigner for the Campaign for Better Transport, said: "The Which? survey paints a bleak picture of expensive fares, frequent delays, overcrowded, dirty trains and poor communication from train companies to passengers.
"It is very notable that some of the busiest train routes around London and the South East are also regarded as offering the worst value for money. It's also telling that those franchises which are managed locally rather than from Whitehall tend to offer a better service."
A spokesman for the Rail Delivery Group, which represents rail operators and Network Rail, said: "While almost nine out 10 trains now arrive on schedule, we are investing billions of pounds so that we make good on that promise more often and improve passengers' satisfaction with our services."
'Essential improvements' Shadow rail minister Lilian Greenwood said passenger satisfaction on the railways was "still shockingly poor".
"The Which? report underlines the need for rail industry reform - reforms David Cameron's government have been unwilling to consider at a time when fares are up by more than 20% since 2010.
"Labour will institute a new body for running the railway which will have a strong voice for passengers at its heart."
Rail Minister Claire Perry said: "As part of our long-term economic plan, we are investing record amounts in the rail network in order to give passengers better journeys.
"It is vital that, as the industry delivers these essential improvements for the future, it does everything it can to minimise disruption in the present.
"We expect the industry to provide the best possible customer experience every day. When things go wrong unexpectedly, it must ensure passengers are kept informed about the compensation they are entitled to."
The proportion of passengers who experienced a delay on their last journey with each train company is as follows:
  • Southern 39%
  • Thameslink & Great Northern / First Capital Connect 33%
  • Southeastern 33%
  • First Great Western 33%
  • First TransPennine Express 30%
  • Greater Anglia 30%
  • CrossCountry 29%
  • London Overground 29%
  • London Midland 29%
  • Northern Rail 28%
  • Chiltern Railways 28%
  • South West Trains 28%
  • Arriva Trains Wales 26%
  • East Midlands Trains 25%
  • East Coast 23%
  • Virgin Trains 23%
  • ScotRail 19%
  • Grand Central 17%
  • First Hull Trains 15%
  • Merseyrail 15%
  • c2c 14%

Wednesday, 18 February 2015


Cumbria Classic Coaches has made a special short notice application to the North West Traffic Area for permission to operate a new weekly, Thursday bus route from Shap to Kendal and return, starting in Kirkby Stephen and also taking in Orton, Tebay and Grayrigg. The company was notified of agreement during the afternoon of the 17th February.
The application was successful and is to be numbered 570.  This is also ’hail and ride’ between main village bus stops and presently employs a conductor who will help passengers with access difficulties or heavy shopping.
Hopefully the service will compliment the Stagecoach route 106 running in the opposite direction between Kendal and Penrith 3 days a week.
Cumbria Classic Coaches recently commenced a Monday service 571 between Brough and Kendal and this has proved very successful.  Timings and fares are identical from Tebay onwards for each service. All concessionary passes are acceptable for those eligible for free travel.

Cumbria Classic Coaches specialises in operating buses and coaches from the 1940’s and 1950’s, mainly used for weddings, corporate work and T.V.  The buses are full public service vehicles with half cabs for the driver and have to have a conductor to issue tickets and supervise passengers. 
The full timetable for all Cumbria Classic Coaches routes will soon be found on line and in bus stop enclosures along the routes. Their website can be found by clicking here

This now means that the company will operate stage services on four days of the week Monday to Thursday during the main summer season. 

569     Ravenstonedale - Kirkby Stephen - Mallerstang - Hawes (Seasonal Tuesdays)
570     Kirkby Stephen - Shap - Kendal (Thursdays all year)
571     Brough - Kirkby Stephen - Tebay - Kendal (Mondays all year)
572     Ravenstonedale - Kirkby Stephen - Brough - Barnard Castle (Wednesdays all year)

Tuesday, 17 February 2015


South West Trains gives passengers a romantic send-off

Rail passengers were given a "Valentine's Day send-off" with romantic departure board messages on the 14th February.
The Waterloo to Salisbury service was renamed "When Harry met Salisbury" and Liphook became "Lips-Hooked".

South West Trains said suggestions came from both passengers and staff.
A spokeswoman for the South West Trains-Network Rail Alliance said: "We hope those travelling with us today enjoy their journeys and have a lovely Valentine's Day."
South West Trains operates services in Hampshire, Surrey, Dorset, Wiltshire, Berkshire, Devon, Somerset, and Greater London.

The signs have been changed for one day only
Customers and employees were asked to suggest "quirky, romance-themed" alternative station names "in the spirit of Valentine's Day", the spokeswoman said.
"We got some great suggestions, many of which we are displaying on customer information screens across the network for today only."
Rail passenger Alex Dowding tweeted: "Bit of harmless romantic fun is never a bad thing surely? Sure the rugby crowd are loving it too."
Many passengers have welcomed the temporary sign change, describing the move as "spreading the love".
Commuter Sabrina Vitello, who was travelling from Walton-on-Thames to London Waterloo, said: "It's refreshing, made me smile all day."

And finally a full list of the destinations:

Darling Dorking Dorking
London Waterlove London Waterloo
Lovealming Godalming
Roses are Redbridge Redbridge
Breakfast at Twickenham Twickenham
Eat Sway Love Sway
Pretty Woolston Woolston
Kissington South Chessington South
Kissington North Chessington North
Beaulieu and The Beast Beaulieu Road
Hinton Admirer Hinton Admiral
Love Ascotly Ascot
My Fareham Lady Fareham
Truly Madly Eastleigh Eastleigh
Notting Hilsea Hilsea
West Byfleet Story Byfleet
Moreton a Woman Moreton
Flirtwell Fulwell
Upwey Girl Upwey
Kiss Liss
The Apple of my Isleworth Isleworth
Cupid Junction Clapham Junction
Cute Bridge Kew Bridge
Ash Valentine Ash Vale
Mots-purr Park Motspur Park
Lips-Hooked Liphook
Fleet-ing Romance Fleet
Gorgeous Guildford Guildford
Sweet Surbiton Surbiton
Wonderful Woking Woking
Lovers Road Guildford London Road Guildford
Hounslove Hounslow
Loverton Overton
Passionfield Petersfield
Strawberries & Champagne Hill Strawberry Hill
Breakfast in Bed-hampton Bedhampton
Too Hot To Hamble Hamble
Hook, Line and Sinker Hook
Admirestone Addlestone
Thames Smitten Thames Ditton
Hampton Courting Hampton Court
Phwoar-plesdon Worplesdon
His and Hers-ham Hersham
Rich (in love) mond Richmond
Sleepless in Sholing Sholing
When Harry Met Salisbury Salisbury
Lost in Teddington Teddington
Legally Barnes Barnes
Romsey and Juliet Romsey
Four weddings and Farnborough Farnborough
The Botley guard Botley
North by North Sheen North Sheen
The Reading Singer Reading
Wokingham Heights Wokingham
Lady Bracknell Bracknell
Pride and Portchester Portchester
(Torvil and) Dean Dean
Beautiful Basingstoke Basingstoke


Martin Arrand made a visit to the Barrow Hill Roundhouse over the weekend, and his photographic efforts can now be viewed by clicking here