Thursday 23 April 2015


As we move out of Winter into Spring and onwards to Summer, commitments and priorities for the small Focus Transport team change. Thus the daily blog's 100% record of postings since 2011 may well see some gaps. We will try to keep disruption to a minimum.
That is not to say that we will be forgoing commitments to the website, just that there could be some days in between news items. Also the times of day that the blog is updated may change from early mornings to later in the day.

However, we shall not be shirking our duties, as doubtless opportunities will enable us to add new stock shots to our photographic store, in order to illustrate future postings.
We are sure that you will understand and continue to view the blog as and when news items are added.

There is of course the New Focus Flickr site, which will continue to be updated as and when we have new sets to add to the already growing number of albums thereon. Some recent additions include the following albums:

A visit to the Barrow Hill Diesel Weekend event which can now be viewed by clicking here


Two albums from a recent return visit to Norwich which can be viewed by clicking here
and here

And finally a visit to Sheffield. This time to catch up with some of the recent additons to the local Stagecoach bus fleet, in order to provide tram replacement, as infrastructure workings continue on the Supertram system. This album can now be viewed by clicking here

And finally....................................

A Happy St.George's Day to One & All

The Focus Transport Team