Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Bus Camera Scheme Raises More Than £1m in Six Months

Fines for drivers using Cardiff’s bus lanes have made the city’s council more than £1m in their first six months.
The scheme, which saw seven cameras installed to monitor bus lanes across the city, came into force on December 1 last year.

Since then, 29,212 drivers have been caught by them - a rate of 160 per day.
Cardiff insists the scheme is not about generating income but ensuring the smooth flow of traffic in the city, and to encourage people to use public transport, walk or cycle.
Councillor Ramesh Patel, cabinet member for transport, planning and sustainability, said: “It’s not about making money. This is about allowing people to travel back and forth to their work places or city centre or whatever destination they want to get to as quickly as possible.
“It is essential that we keep the city moving, so we will be focussing on the main arterial routes into the city and the city centre, as well as schools, specifically focussing on bus lanes and yellow box junctions.

If caught, drivers have 21 days to pay their £35 fine before it rises to £70.
Since December 1, 27,781 drivers have paid their fine at the lower rate of £35.

Since the same date, 1,431 drivers have paid outside the reduced window and paid £70.