Monday 14 September 2015


Branch Line Society are honoured to have been asked to assist GWR in running a very unusual and unique charity railtour in aid of First Devon and Exeter Prostate Cancer Fund.  The aim is to raise £20k for a portable scanner.
Timings are provisional and subject to Network Rail validation with pick up and set down at: London Paddington (07.15/20.39), Reading (07.42/20.08), Didcot Parkway (07.55/19.52), Swindon (08.15/ 19.33), Bristol TM (08.52/18.50), Taunton (09.25/ 18.02) and Exeter St. David's (09.54/17.37) through P6 requested both ways. Then via Newton Abbot (through P1 requested), Totnes facing crossover at 222m 47ch to P2 (reverse) via the mainline connection onto the South Devon Railway to Buckfastleigh (11.15). Enjoy a break on the delightful South Devon Railway or this small market town with all its amenities and attractions. Given the length of a HST the front should be well beyond the end of the platform to clear the starting signal for return. There will be workshop tours and services operating on the SDR.  Departing at 11.25 the HST makes a return trip to Heathfield (12.44/12.55) for local traffic, returning to Buckfastleigh at 14.47. Picking up all the passengers from the main tour before departure at 15.02 to Heathfield again (16.22/16.42) then back to London Paddington.

A comprehensive catering service will be available on board including real ales and freshly cooked food from the Travelling Chef.  All proceeds from these services will be donated to charity.
Standard class fares for pick up between London Paddington and Bristol Temple Meads £75, or £50 from Taunton or Exeter St Davids.  Special fare from Buckfastleigh – Buckfastleigh £25 which will be donated to South Devon Railway and the Devon Diesel Society.  First class fares are not available and no child discounts on this occasion.  Cheques payable to “Branch Line Society”.  PLEASE NOTE PAYMENT BY CARD IS NOT AVAILABLE ON THIS CHARTER.  When booking please provide your name, address, email address and contact telephone number.  If you do not have an email address please supply a stamped self-addressed envelope, and a second if you require an initial acknowledgment.
All bookings should be forwarded to Jill Everitt, Branch Line Society, 4 Barnside Way, Moulton, Cheshire CW9 8PT.  Envelopes should be marked “HST Special”.  Any booking queries can be emailed to with any general queries to
Note bookings will not be acknowledged until 14th September earliest due to existing travel arrangements.