Saturday 21 November 2015


First Look At Crossrail Train Designs

Transport for London (TfL) has unveiled the final look for the new Crossrail trains, which are expected to start coming into use from May 2017.
According to TfL, the trains will have free Wi-Fi onboard, and people will have access to 4G — which we think means that even in tunnels you'll be able to get signal and internet connection.

The Crossrail trains will be fully accessible and have Wi-Fi and 4G service

Each train will provide space for 1,500 people in nine interconnected, walk-through carriages. At over 200m long, they are over one and a half times longer than the longest tube train

The first new trains will operate on the Liverpool Street to Shenfield part of the Crossrail route from May 2017 — although initially use shorter seven-carriage versions. The full-length nine carriage version will be first introduced between Heathrow and Paddington from May 2018. All the trains will become nine carriages by the end of 2019.

There will be four wheelchair spaces on each train, plus spaces where seating can be tipped up to accommodate prams or luggage. And a rather natty purple moquette.

Another view of the interior of the train, with a different seating configuration.