Tuesday, 3 November 2015


How Deep Does London Go?

From The Londonist website

The tube network is just one of many subterranean spaces in London. With sewers, water pipes, bunkers, basements, and assorted other tunnels, it's a maze down there. We've attempted to summarise some of these systems in one diagram, including the yet-to-be-built Thames Tideway sewer tunnel. 
The graphic shows typical depths below surface level (or high-tide level for the Thames foot tunnels). Where depth is variable, we've shown the average as a horizontal stretch of tunnel, plunging down to the deepest point. For example, the tube varies greatly in depth, but is typically 24m. The deepest point is below Hampstead Heath at Bull and Bush (where a station was part-built, but never completed), which reaches 67m. 
The deepest space in London is the recently completed Lee Tunnel, a relief sewer that slopes down to 80m beneath Beckton. For more details visit the Londonist website by clicking here