Saturday 23 January 2016

'Vantage' Brand Unveiled For Premium Busway Service

First Greater Manchester has unveiled the new service brand 'Vantage' to be introduced on the Leigh-Salford-Manchester premium Busway later this year.
'Vantage' reflects the premium quality of the unique Busway service. The superior travel experience was revealed on the first of twenty, new, high quality low-emission hybrid buses.

As well as e-leather seating, customers will be able to benefit from free Wi-Fi, on-board “next stop” audio and visual announcements and USB charging points. Upstairs customers can relax in style with deluxe coach-back seating and table areas.

In preparing for the launch of the new Busway scheme, First Greater Manchester is also recruiting outstanding individuals to join the team and serve customers on the new premium 'Vantage' service. The training package will include a full week's instruction on driving in the guideway, vehicle familiarisation and additional coaching in customer service.
 Matt Rawlinson, Business Manager at First in Greater Manchester said, “We’re very excited to be unveiling the new Vantage brand for the premium Busway service. Vantage will be an outstanding customer experience at the same great value fares as we have across our network.

"Our team are looking forward to providing fast and reliable connections to the communities along the whole route. The Busway scheme means more jobs for local people and we're now actively recruiting customer focussed individuals for this exciting opportunity.
"Together with our transport partners we're looking forward to serving customers on the Busway who I'm sure will be delighted with the whole experience, including the stunning new buses."

The new frequent buses will operate on the 14-mile route linking communities in Leigh, Atherton, Tyldesley and Salford to Manchester. Busway services will be able to run free from congestion on a 4.5 mile guided section linking Leigh and Ellenbrook meaning improvements in service reliability and journey time savings.

Councillor Andrew Fender, Chair of Transport for Greater Manchester Committee, said: “We promised residents that Greater Manchester’s first guided busway would deliver a premium service that connected them quickly, reliably and frequently between, Leigh, Salford and Manchester and I am delighted that after so many months of expectation and anticipation we are now gearing up for that to start.
"In addition to the benefits that will be seen by passengers, we are already seeing the immediate economic benefits for everyone with new jobs being created."

When fully completed, regular services will run from both Leigh and Atherton which will combine to offer a higher frequency in each direction between Tyldesley and Manchester during the day, six days a week – with a less frequent service on Sundays.

There will also be three free to use park and ride sites to serve the busway providing over 400 spaces in Leigh, on Astley Street in Tyldesley, and on the A580 East Lancashire Road near to the M60/61 junction. All park and ride site locations have been chosen for their convenience for car drivers.