Friday, 25 March 2016

Another new Routemaster variant?

This vehicle was on show at Covent Garden on Wednesday 16th March. 

Dave Stewart writes:-
It has a 10.6m Volvo B5LH chassis with a Wrightbus ‘SRM’  H45/21D  body, described as  “inspired by the New Routemaster” but with standard London layout of two doors and one staircase.   Inside, the side walls and stair panels are in bergundy (just like on the LT), the seats are identical to the LT and with the same moquette;  gold handrails and with bell pushes like the LT; same ‘air cooling vents’ in the ceiling as on an LT.  However the front  dome is a separate bolt-on and fibreglass – the dome on the LT is all part of the overall structural integrity of the body .   It has a rear window upstairs (unlike the LT) but doesn’t have one downstairs – and no opening windows (yet).   The bus at Covent Garden had London United  fleetnames  although the first order is for six (to be VHR class) for sister RATP company London Sovereign route 13 by September

A fuller report is available from the Transport Engineer website at the following link:-