Friday, 4 March 2016

Brussels Airport to Order 30 Electric Buses

Brussels Airport Company has issued an invitation to tender for the purchase of 30 electric buses to transport passengers around the airport.

In addition, the airport will replace 40 service vehicles over the next two years with vehicles running on natural gas in order to reduce its carbon footprint, and at the same time to improve passenger comfort.
The airport is renewing its bus and car fleet at the airport in order to reduce pollution and odour nuisance. The 30 electric buses will require electric charging points and adaptation of the electricity network. For any other future replacements, the company will insist on deploying environmentally-friendly vehicles.

The electric buses are planned to arrive during 2018, giving us an annual reduction of 600 tonnes of CO2. They will transport passengers between the piers and the aircraft, and transfer passengers between Pier A and Pier B. The buses are also used for the transport on the tarmac at events or guided visits, and also take staff and passengers from the terminal to the car parks at Brucargo or vice-versa. For the Brucargo route, there will eventually be a driverless electric shuttle. The electric buses will be used until the shuttle goes into service.

 Brussels Airport has made a good start to 2016 with passenger figure growth
of over 7% compared to the same period last year