Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Reading Buses latest order

UK Bus Operator of the Year Reading Buses today announced a groundbreaking £1.3 million order with British bus manufacturer Wrightbus ‎for six of its Streetdeck double deck models.
Incorporating latest technology, many innovations and a number of ‘wow’ factors, the project has set out to enhance the on-board experience of customers and raise the profile of buses in Reading.
The Wrightbus order follows Reading Buses 'summer bus trials' undertaken last year where the operator evaluated a number of new models, including a New Routemaster from London which is also built by the Ballymena-based manufacturer.

The buses, which will upgrade Reading Buses orange routes between Woodley and Reading, will be fitted with the latest environmental features such as engines meeting the Euro 6 emission standard and additionally featuring Wrightbus’ latest 'MicroHybrid' fuel efficient technologies, including the first of their kind to be fitted with automatic engine 'start-stop.’
Reading Buses is continuing to adopt the Lazzerini Ethos seat following successful deployment on its 2015 vehicle intake. This super lightweight seat uses approaches from the aviation industry to produce around a 30% weight saving.
The enhanced model has been re-worked by Lazzerini, Reading Buses and its design agency Best Impressions to further enhance both visual appeal and customer comfort. Combined with Wrightbus' overall lightweight and fuel efficient approach to the whole vehicle, the buses will also meet the Government's stringent Low Carbon Bus criteria, something that's generally the domain of lighter, weight single deck vehicles.
As well as comfortable seating, the partners behind the project have set out to considerably enhance the on-board experience of customers and create a number of 'wow' factors that will continue to raise the profile of buses in Reading by clearly demonstrating that they are a modern, dependable and sustainable travel mode.
Features will include a glazed staircase and roof panels and the now standard 4G WiFi and USB charging points as well as ‎harness the best features from the claret spritzer student buses, such as social seating, which were launched on the University of Reading route last year.
Martijn Gilbert, Chief Executive Officer of Reading Buses, said today: "We've worked hard with Wrightbus, our design agency Best Impressions and other partners to ensure that these buses will provide a further step change in local bus services for our customers.
“Using the latest innovations in many design and engineering features, and best practice from across the transport industry, we will be delivering a bus that will not only offer the highest standards of customer comfort and ambiance, but also one that has been optimised to achieve class leading fuel economy and environmental credentials - luxury will meet efficiency.
“We are delighted to be working with Wrightbus, especially in their 70th anniversary year, on what will be a flagship project for everyone involved.”
Ian Downie, Managing Director, Sales and Customcare at Wrightbus, said: “Wrightbus is honoured to receive this prestigious order from Reading Buses. We were delighted to participate in the summer trials.
“The engagement with Reading and their partners has created a groundbreaking vehicle that surpasses environmental legislation requirements with superb economy and, most importantly, provides our mutual end customer with the wow factor.
“Reading Buses has ensured the customer is at the forefront of their thoughts and Wrightbus has delivered a customer driven solution that surpasses expectations.”
The buses will enter service from the start of September 2016 on Reading Buses' orange routes 13 and 14 to Woodley.