Sunday 15 May 2016

The Long and the Short of it

Can you spot the difference?

On Monday 9th May Transport for London route 91 (Trafalgar Square & Crouch End Broadway), was converted from ADL E40D / Enviro400 to new NRM LT-class double-deck hybrid operation. Operated by Metroline from their Holloway Garage, one may be forgiven if you think the eyes are playing up.
The reason being that one of the buses is fleet number ST812 and is a 10.2-metre short version of the original New Bus for London, which is 11.3-metres in length. Easy to spot though if you count the number of window bays, as there is one less on the ST.

David Heath, Mark Lyons and Martin Ruthe have kindly supplied images in order to compare the two lengths.

LT756 at Euston, seating layout of which is H40/22T +19 standing and ulw of 12400kg

ST812 at Southampton Row, seating layout of which is H36/18T +31 standing and ulw of 12130kg

And now for nearside comparisons...................

Metroline Travel's LT554 takes a turn around Marble Arch on route 16 operated by Cricklewood Garage

ST812 currently the sole short version for the time being at the Aldwych

And finally.....................

A date for the diary 

 No doubt an LT or two will be on display at this event