Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Euro Bus Expo - Day 2 - Enviro 400City

The Enviro400 City demonstrator shown at Euro Bus Expo 2016 launches the Passenger Plus specification pack that brings together a wealth of passenger-focused features all designed to enhance the appeal of bus travel.

Where the executive-style seats are arranged airline style, individual passenger amenities have been integrated into seatbacks. These SmartConsoles include wireless bell pushes, USB power sockets, dimmable LED lap lights, coat hooks and fold-down tables.

On the upper deck, single seats next to the staircase maintain passengers’ privacy while making it easy to move around at this potential pinch point. The absence of vertical hand rails gives the upper saloon a spacious, airy appearance that is enhanced by the deep side windows.

Social seating areas are grouped around tables, with those at the rear of the top deck offering an unrivalled feeling of spaciousness thanks to the wrap-over SkyView window that complements three wide, glazed SkyLights along the length of the vehicle. Further features include litter bins, ambient sensed and dimmable saloon lighting, and downlighters.

In addition to the City body style, the vehicle is fully LCEB certified, it has E-Cooling and SmartPack with engine stop/start technology ensuring that it maintains all the proven benefits that ensure the Enviro400’s low cost of ownership.

More pictures and information from Euro Bus Expo will follow. Keep checking this website for further updates