Wednesday 2 November 2016

Euro Bus Expo - Day 2 - Wrightbus

Wrights Group StreetDeck

WrightBus were showing one of six Wrightbus StreetDeck double deckers that will be used on Reading Bus orange routes between Woodley and Reading. To Euro6 standard, they are fitted with ‘MicroHybrid’ fuel efficient technology, and are the first of the type to be fitted with automatic engine ‘start-stop’.

Reading Buses is continuing to adopt the Lazzerini Ethos seat following successful deployment on its 2015 vehicle intake. This super lightweight seat uses approaches from the aviation industry to produce around a 30% weight saving. The enhanced model has been re-worked by the seat manufacturer, the operator and Best Impressions to further enhance both visual appeal and customer comfort.

Other features include a glazed staircase and roof panels and the now standard 4G Wi-Fi and USB charging points. They also harness the best features from the claret Spritzer student buses, such as social seating.

StreetAir EV This is the longer (door forward) Wrightbus StreetAir EV DF - an 18T plug-in electric vehicle based on the diesel StreetDeck chassis and is the platform for single deck and double deck variants at 10.6m lengths.

Both the StreetAir EV WF and StreetAir EV DF models are intended to be available with all three main charging options - overnight (plug-in), inductive and conductive (pantograph) charging.

 A Door Forward SteetLite

A Wright Gemini3 destined for Lothian Transport

More pictures and information from Euro Bus Expo will follow. Keep checking this website for further updates