Sunday 20 November 2016

The New Focus Flickr Site

Two years ago to the month in November 2014 the New Focus Flickr site was created. A few days ago we passed the 1-million mark of viewings, so it looks like we may be doing something right. Since then we have hopefully provided an eclectic mix of subjects within the many albums now on the site, which can now be found by clicking here

Scroll down and there are two pages of albums to peruse, the first two a selection of buses and coaches found on the island of Malta in late 2014. These two are able to be viewed by clicking here and here

Prior to this the original Focus Flickr site has since been archived and can be accessed by clicking here
Once again there is a further mix of subjects that include planes, trains, buses, coaches and the ship. These stretch back as far as February 2011, the first of which being closer to home with trains through the Hope Valley in Derbyshire. This can be viewed by clicking  here