Sunday 22 January 2017

Birmingham Bus Lane Cameras

Ten bus lane enforcement cameras are to be installed along three busy Birmingham commuter routes - with councillors looking to collect £3 MILLION in fines.

But they have pledged lessons have been learned from the 2013 city centre bus lane debacle, in which a poorly placed warning signs led to 65,000 penalties being wrongly issued, causing uproar among motorists. 

Now cameras and warning signs are to be installed at a cost of £459,000 along the three routes Lichfield Road in Aston, Tyburn Road in Pype Hayes and B4128 Bordesley Green to enforce existing bus lanes.

The issuing and collection of fines, court action, maintenance and regular publicity campaigns to warn commuters of the enforcement will cost an estimated £3.3 million over five years - but councillors say this will be covered, as far as possible, by income from fines.

Bus lane fines are currently set at £60, or £30, if paid within 14 days.


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