Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Cross Country Abolish Fees for Amending Advance Tickets

Rail passengers from Aberdeen to Penzance are set to benefit from the abolition of fees for amending Advance tickets.
CrossCountry, which serves England, Wales and Scotland from its hub in Birmingham, has abandoned the £10 administration charge that is common across the rail industry for such changes.

Passengers who book online direct with the train operator and who later alter the time or date of travel will pay only any increase in fare compared with their original train. If the replacement service is cheaper they will get a refund of the difference.

The deal does not apply to tickets bought in person from stations nor online through third-party operators such as Trainline. In addition, tickets printed by the passenger, and “m-tickets” obtained through the CrossCountry app, cannot be changed.
Passengers who need to amend their trips must buy a new ticket at least 24 hours before departure of the original train. It should cover exactly the same journey. The traveller will subsequently claim back the full cost of the original.
If the passenger decides not to travel, no refund is available.
Mark Smith, the rail guru who created the Seat61.com website, said “Abolishing the £10 charge has got to be a good thing. But it would be far more useful if you didn’t have to give 24 hours notice, as it’s often on the day that things happen and you want to change your reservation.

“Even so, this could be the way forward for all operators – though we need to preserve the concept of flexible walk-up travel too.”