Saturday, 5 August 2017

Saturday 26th August - Imberbus

In 2009, a group of bus industry professionals achieved a long standing ambition to run a vintage bus service from Warminster in Wiltshire, to the abandoned village of Imber on the Salisbury Plain. It proved to be so popular that it has now become an annual event, with most journeys continuing across the Plain to parts of Wiltshire rarely seen by ordinary public transport users.
There are only a few days each year on which the road through Imber is open to the public and so this year the Imberbus service will operate on
Saturday 26th August 2017
with several former London Transport Routemaster buses (plus a few newer ones) providing a bus service from Warminster Station to Imber and to other isolated locations on the Salisbury Plain. As the buses will be operating an ordinary bus service, there is no need for passengers to book in advance – just turn up and pay the conductor on the bus.
For details of this year’s event, please click here to visit the Imberbus 2017 page and download a copy of the timetable. You can also find out more information about Imber and Imberbus by checking out the other pages on their website.


Far away from the flat plains of Wiltshire, the town of Hunstanton lies up in the top left hand corner of Norfolk, where The Wash meets the North Norfolk coastline. Two bus companies vie for passengers in the town, Lynxbus and the Stagecoach East subsidiary, especially on the routes 10, 11 and Coasthopper CH (Stagecoach) and 33, 34 and 35 (Lynxbus), which operate by various routeings between Hunstanton and King's Lynn. Both operators have bases in the latter town. Stagecoach's Coasthopper CH route also continues a considerable way along the coastline via Well-Next-the-Sea and Sheringham to Cromer. A selection of images have been placed into the latest album which can now be viewed by clicking  here . Oh yes, and look out for one other wheeled oddity, which drives up and down the coastline just below the waterline.