Tuesday 21 November 2017

A sorry tale

Regular visitors to the website will have probably noticed that it has not been updated for yesterday and today.
Regrettably health issues prevented yesterday's update and by the end of the day hoping for a catch-up sleep, those plans were dashed when at about 0100-hours this morning the local and nearby electricity sub-station blew up !!
Whole area plunged into darkness and set off numerous alarms, etc which resulted in fit-full sleep for the rest on the night. There were no services whatsoever and it has only all recently come back on, including broadband and telephone.
Add to that mobiles had little or no charge, so was unable to make contact with the other member of the team. 
Sod's or was it Murphy's Law that came into play.  Ho hum.
Note to self, keep mobiles charged.
Will get back on track tomorrow morning.
In the meantime enjoy your day with these reminders of summers gone by