Sunday, 26 November 2017

Voice Support for Trainline

Travellers can now get information about their rail journey just by asking their phone or smart speaker, saving valuable time from typing on screen and sorting through search results.
Trainline has added voice support that means owners of Google phones or the Google Home can simply ask for travel information.

Google's Siri-like voice assistant, called Google Assistant, will offer up responses to even broad requests such as "what's my commute to work looking like?". And it can even learn your travel habits to give you better answers.

"The Google Assistant is all about helping people get things done more seamlessly with conversation," said Google's head of global product partnerships Alice Zimmermann.
"Trainline’s voice app can make your commute or journey even easier; we want rail travellers to be able to get real-time updates when they need them, especially ahead of the festive season."
Trainline said the new feature makes it easier for people when they're driving, walking, cooking or even wearing gloves.
What can you ask Trainline?
"I'd like a train from Manchester to London on the 15th of December at 9am."
"How's my commute home looking?"
"Are there any changes to my train?"
"When's the next train to London Bridge?"
"How much is a train ticket to Manchester?"
Give it a try, it worked for the Focus Team!