Thursday, 11 January 2018


Another website which shows realtime information about trains has come to our attention.
TRAKSY allows the user to look in detail at rail locations and see each train on a track diagram.

Trains are identified by reporting number. Using the 'Places' section
we have looked at Manchester Piccadilly station and have clicked on 1M96 which is the Glasgow Central to Manchester Airport service. It was 1 minute early leaving Glasgow and 4 minutes late at Manchester Piccadilly.
It is forecast to arrive 1 minute late at Manchester Airport at 14.48.
Further information can be obtained by clicking on 'View Train' or the train can be followed by clicking on 'Track Train'

An alternative view is to go back and click 'Trains' and a list of trains passing through the selected station is shown. Arrival and departure times are shown together with platform numbers and pathing details.

To use Traksy click on