Friday, 18 May 2018

Heliox Fast Chargers To Power Schiphol VDL Electric Buses

Dutch fleet charging specialist Heliox has supplied 109 fast chargers to power a fleet of 100 battery-electric buses for Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. The articulated VDL Citeas e-buses will operate on a 24/7 basis on 6 lines in the environs of the airport, and are expected to drive a total of 30,000 km per day.

Heliox has deployed 23 of its OC 450 kW chargers at four opportunity charging points. These chargers use a roof-mounted pantograph system, and can top up the battery in 2-4 minutes as passengers board and exit. There will also be 84 Heliox Fast DC dual 30 kW chargers for overnight charging at two depots in Amsterdam and Amstelveen.
Heliox’s fast chargers are designed to communicate with any OCCP 1.6 back-office system a customer may choose.