Sunday 8 July 2018

Windermere Ferry out of action until October

Windermere Ferry - out of action for three months.

Story and picture courtesy of the News&Star Cumbria publication

THE Windermere Ferry will remain closed until October following extensive damage caused by a fire in May.
Two months ago dozens of people were evacuated from the ferry after smoke was seen coming out of the engine compartment.
Since then an investigation has been undertake, with the unfortunate news coming the service will be non-operational for another three months.
Stephen Hall, Cumbria County Council’s assistant director for highways, said: "We have exhausted every option to provide a similar service but this news sadly means that over the summer period there will only be a passenger service as provided by Windermere Lake Cruises.
This is a very unfortunate situation but the safety of our passengers must come first
"As work is carried out we will do our best to keep people informed and hopefully we can get the ferry operational sooner, rather than later."
Extensive assessments carried out since the fire have concluded a brand new engine is required. A replacement of this scale and significance requires specialists to carry it out, a factor which has increased the length of time the Ferry will be out of service.

However, the council say they hope to have the ferry operational before October.

 Above & below the ferry site as at 27th July 2018
Mr Hall added: "This is a very unfortunate situation but the safety of our passengers must come first. To put this in context this ferry has operated with very few interruptions over the years and just like any vehicle it is subject to the daily wear and tear of being constantly in use."
To find out more about the closure and for information on alternative routes across Windermere,
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