Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Major Delay to Next Cross Country Franchise

Arriva UK Trains will continue to run the Cross Country franchise for the foreseeable future following an announcement by the The Secretary of State for Transport. There is to be a review of rail operations that will consider recommendations for reform, to ensure the rail system continues to benefit passengers and support the economy.
The department has reviewed all ongoing franchise competitions and other live rail projects in the context of the rail review. 
Due to the unique geographic nature of the Cross Country franchise, which runs from Aberdeen to Penzance and cuts across multiple parts of the railway, awarding this franchise in 2019 could impact on the review’s conclusions. It has therefore been decided that this competition will not proceed.
Services will continue to be operated by the existing franchisee with options beyond this to be considered in due course. The department will consider the responses to the Cross Country public consultation in the development of future options for the franchise.

All other ongoing franchise competitions and other live rail projects are continuing as planned.


John Scragg recently attended the above named event and has kindly provided a nice selection of pictures, which can now be viewed by clicking  here