Tuesday 23 October 2018

VDL Battery Improvements

VDL has expanded the product package for the VDL Citea Electric range with a new generation of batteries and a charging connection for an inverted pantograph. The latest developments in the field of energy density makes it possible that the capacity of the basic battery pack has increased by around 20%.

VDL Bus & Coach has now two new air-cooled battery systems with an energy capacity of 216 kWh and 288 kWh available. With an admissible C-rate of 1.5C, the battery packs can be charged to a capacity of between 300 kW and 450 kW. The new battery modules also satisfy the R100.2 safety requirements imposed on battery systems.
The introduction of the 288 kWh battery on the VDL Citea solo buses makes it possible to achieve a range of between 150 and 200 km via a CCS plug. By equipping the bus with a pantograph with a 450 kW charger, the vehicle can receive a top-up charge in just 45 minutes. 

The increased range offers the operator the option to choose strategic charging moments outside peak hours. VDL states that these new battery solutions make it possible to achieve a distance of up to 500 kilometres per day. For the operators this means added flexibility in operation and charging possibilities.

Besides this new battery technology VDL Bus & Coach has come up with a new charging connection for the inverted pantograph. The charging connection for the inverted pantograph already meets the soon to be introduced European standard. The charging connection on the bus is suitable for charging capacities of up to 450kW. The most suitable type of pantograph, either roof-mounted or inverted, is selected according to the mode of operation.