Thursday 1 November 2018

Euro Bus Expo 2018 VDL Bus & Coach

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VDL Bus & Coach is exhibiting its next generation VDL Futura, equipped with a new driveline giving optimum reliability, low maintenance costs and fuel savings of 3%. 

 A new 13.5m Futura in the Euro Bus Expo outside display area

It is is 100kg lighter and delivered as standard with the new ZF Traxon gearbox which has anticipatory GPS-based driving strategy.
PreVision GPS provides opportunity to link up transmission with GPS data and digital map material preventing unnecessary gearshifts. 

It also incorporates a rolling function for slightly sloping roads which causes the transmission to go out of gear, decoupling the driveline. During the rolling phase the engine to runs on idle, avoiding possible drag losses, saving on fuel and reducing emissions.
The topography-based control unit immediately detects steep slopes and applies the engine and transmission brake instead of the rolling function in order to preserve the service brakes