Monday 10 December 2018

Christmas Day bus service


On Christmas Day 2018 a free bus service will again run on route 430 between Roehampton and Putney Bridge. It will be staffed by volunteers using a 1950s vintage bus. It is run for fun and goodwill by the Vintage Bus Hire company.

The service will run hourly, leaving Roehampton from 09:30 until 15:30, and Putney Bridge from 10:07 until 16:07. It will stop at any normal route 430 bus stop along the way.

So if you’re visiting a pub on Christmas Day, going to church, visiting friends and family, or just want to take the children out for a ride, check their timetable. For Roehampton Hospital the route stops a short walk along Crestway to Dover House Road.
This is not a Transport for London or London General service. However the bus is run professionally under an operator’s licence, meeting current safety regulations. The bus is not fully accessible, but there will be a conductor to help passengers.

If you have any questions about this Christmas Day service, please email