Sunday, 6 January 2019

Electric Irizar IE Tram Buses in Operation in Barcelona

Irizar officially unveiled four, 18-metre long, 100% electric, zero-emissions Irizar ie tram buses at an event that took place in Barcelona's Forum Building. 

The buses will operate on the H16 line (Zona Franca-Fòrum/Campus Besòs) and will join the two 12-metre long, 100% electric, Irizar ie buses that have been operating in the city since 2014.

The Irizar ie tram has 4 doors with 36 seats, 1 driver's seat, 1 wheelchair area, electric ramp and 1 pushchair area, and has a total capacity of 147 passengers. The bus requires a 4-5 minute opportunity charge that will take place along the route. It has a pantograph that extends from the roof of the bus and connects to the interoperable charging mast. In addition, it will also require in-depot charging at night.

The Managing Director of Irizar e-mobility, Hector Olabegogeaskoetxea said: “We are very proud to be able to present these vehicles four years after Irizar's first electric buses began operating in Barcelona. In addition, these are the first Irizar ie tram 18 m vehicles in real operation.” With this purchase, the Barcelona-based company is tackling the first phase of transforming the H16 line into a 100% electric, zero-emissions route.

These Irizar ie tram buses have rear view camera's instead of mirrors. Each vehicle will be equipped with USB ports on the handrails for phone charging and WiFi for passengers.