Friday, 1 March 2019

London Underground

New deal for Tube track renewals

Transport for London (TfL) announced recently that a contract for London Underground track renewals will be awarded to Balfour Beatty. The contract, worth around £220m, encompasses all aspects of track renewal - including track, points and crossings, and trackside drainage - and will help to ensure value for money and a strong focus on safety. The contract will start in April 2019 and last for four years, with an option included to extend the contract for up to a further six years. London Underground track assets include track drainage, depots and long timber bridges as well as elements like rails, points and sleepers.

There is 1,047km of track across the network, 17% of which is in non-customer areas like depots and sidings. Track renewal plays a vital role in supporting line upgrades and maintaining day-to-day service levels to meet the demands of intense train service patterns, as well as addressing issues with noise and vibration by keeping track in a good condition.

The contract replaces a previous eight-year agreement with Balfour Beatty which contributed to modernising around 75 per cent of the Tube network. TfL's comprehensive and strict procurement process evaluated key criteria focused on safety, behaviours, delivery expertise and value for money.

The continued modernisation of the Tube is a key part of the Mayor's Transport Strategy to make London a greener, more accessible place.

The investment in improving public transport will help reduce reliance on the car and contribute to the Mayor's target of 80% of journeys made by public transport, cycling or walking by 2041.