Friday, 19 April 2019

Borders Buses

The company has acquired brand new bike friendly double-deck buses in the shape of three Alexander Dennis E40D Enviro400 MMC registered SK19 ELV/W/X. These custom built vehicles were designed with cyclists in mind and will operate on the route X62 between Edinburgh and Melrose.

Onboard features include free WiFi, contactless payment, comfortable seating and tables, wireless and USB charging points and device friendly seat backs.

The company are working with our app people so cyclist/passengers are able to track the respective bike friendly bus. In the meantime, the company intend to post on social media which journeys will be bike friendly. Their intentions were to have two bikes per vehicle, however based on passenger feedback they are expanding this to four by the end of May. If successful, they may add more bike friendly buses on this route.

The leader of Scottish Borders Council Shona Haslam and local cycling enthusiasts were delighted to see the new vehicles.