Friday 26 April 2019

London bus disruption

April has not been a particularly good time for bus travel in Central London along with some disruption to the Docklands Light Railway (DLR).

Things started to go downhill during the afternoon of Wednesday the 10th April, when Hammersmith Bridge over the River Thames was immediately closed to all traffic, due to the discovery of serious defects. Buses on routes 33, 72, 209, 419 and 485, that cross the bridge were affected drastically and curtailed from either side until further notice. Alternative routeings are of quite some length via either Putney or Richmond bridges. The deviations and disruption is liable to last for quite some time.

Five days later on Monday the 15th a vast number of bus routes in Zone 1 were then severely disrupted when the newly formed climate change protest group named ‘Extinction Rebellion’, amassed at various locations such as Marble Arch, Oxford Circus, Parliament Square and Waterloo Bridge. All traffic once again was prevented from passing through these areas and effectively caused diversion or curtailment to 53 daytime and 62 nighttime routes. Disruption continued throughout the next week or so when the protesters re-focussed their attention to the City of London’s financial district from the morning of the 25th April.

And finally (for the time being), the one-way operation of Tottenham Court Road was altered to become two-way from the middle of the day on Saturday the 20th. Possibly some unintended consequences with traffic congestion has arisen, which in turn has detrimental effects on bus routes in the area.

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