Tuesday 16 April 2019

The Flying Banana by GWR

Great Western Railway has announced ticket details for the upcoming Class 43 HST (full set) farewell tour.

The tour is to be divided up into several stages. Stage one will be Bristol Temple Meads to London Paddington via Bath Spa, Chippenham, Swindon, Didcot Parkway, Reading and London Paddington.

The Second stage will be London Paddington to London Paddington via Carmarthen calling at Reading, Didcot Parkway, Oxford, Moreton-In-Marsh, Worcester Shrub Hill, Hereford, Newport South Wales, Port Talbot Parkway, CARMARTHEN, Swansea, Cardiff Central, Gloucester, Swindon, Didcot Parkway, Reading and London Paddington.

Then the final leg will be from London Paddington to Plymouth non-stop.

Provisional timings are below:


1Z22 (Leg 1)

Bristol TM dep 0524

Bath Spa dep 0537

Chippenham dep 0550

Swindon dep 0606

Didcot Parkway dep 0624

Reading dep 0640

Paddington arr 0706


1Z23 (Leg 2)

Paddington dep 0737

Didcot Parkway dep 0828

Oxford dep 0844

Charlbury dep 0906

Moreton-in-Marsh dep 0924

Worcester Shrub Hill dep 1004

Hereford dep 1053

Newport dep 1142

Cardiff Central dep 1200

Port Talbot Parkway dep 1231

Llanelli dep 1303

Carmarthen arr 1331


1Z24 (Leg 3)

Carmarthen dep 1349

Swansea arr 1428 dep 1443

Cardiff Central arr 1529 dep 1539

Gloucester dep 1637

Swindon arr 1715 dep 1718

Didcot Parkway arr 1734 dep 1736

Reading arr 1755 dep 1806

Paddington arr 1836


1Z25 (Leg 4)

Paddington dep 1857

Plymouth arr 2203

Tickets will be available for both individual legs or the entire trip. All of which will be non-refundable. There will be no part fares available for any of the stages.

Full inclusive tour STD ADULT £148 CHILD £74

Leg 1: Bristol Temple Meads to London Paddington leg ONLY STD ADULT £85

Leg 2: London Paddington to London Paddington leg ONLY STD ADULT £125

Leg 3 London Paddington to Plymouth (NON STOP) leg ONLY STD ADULT £100

This is a charity charter and as such there will be NO railcard discounts and only tickets issued from this website along with supported photographic ID will be accepted on the entirety of this charter  by clicking  here

The tickets for the charter train will also be valid for journeys connecting in and out of the charter on Saturday 1st June and also travelling to Bristol Temple Meads on Friday 31st May and from Plymouth on Sunday 2nd June to ensure attendees can travel to and from the charter at no additional cost. These connecting journeys are only valid on GWR services.

Please note as of 1745 on Saturday 13th April 1st Class has sold out in its entirety.