Thursday, 6 June 2019

125 Group acquires HST TGS 44000

125 Group is has announced the latest addition to their fleet of Mk3 Coaches, which is Trailer Guards Standard (TGS) 44000. This HST vehicle will be used to support our passenger operations at Great Central Railway Nottingham (GCRN).

44000 has been very kindly donated by leasing company Porterbrook and following road transfer from storage in Long Marston, has arrived at the 125 Group operating base at GCRN Ruddington. Previously the coach was in service with Great Western Railway and wears their smart base green colour. The vehicle is in good internal and external condition.

Trailer Guards Standard (TGS) 44000  © 125 Group 

44000 was built by British Rail Engineering Limited (BREL) at Derby Litchurch Lane Works. When Inter-City 125 was first introduced in 1976, the guard’s office was located in the power cars. TGS vehicles were later added to provide more passenger capacity and to give a smoother, quieter ride for the guard. 44000 is the original TGS, constructed in 1980 to lot number 30953, unique to this vehicle.

The group are extremely grateful to Porterbrook for their generous donation. 44000 joins the existing Mk3 fleet of 10202, 10206, 12087, 12092 and 12134 which have all been restored to full working condition by our team of volunteers. Meanwhile, two of the existing vehicles are leaving the fleet. Mk3b FO 11074 is departing GCRN Ruddington for pastures new. Spares vehicle TSO 12065 has been stripped of all useful components and will shortly be disposed of. 

Inter-City 125 Power Car which was displayed at York Museum for many years

The group have a goal of preserving a production Inter-City 125 power car complete with original Paxman Valenta engine.

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