Monday, 10 June 2019

Geely Introduces the F12 Hydrogen Bus With a Range of 500km

In addition to its all-electric buses, 
Geely's Yuan Cheng brand has introduced its first hydrogen fuel cell model with a range of 500 km (311 miles)

So far China has focused on the all-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, seems to slowly be exploring the hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

One of the latest examples of growing interest in FCVs (Fuel Cell Vehicles) is the Yuan Cheng F12 hydrogen fuel cell bus, presented by the Geely's Yuan Cheng brand in Beijing, alongside new all-electric Yuan Cheng C11 bus.

The F12, available in 12m and 10.5m long versions, can travel over 500 km (311 miles). The hydrogen consumption in real-world operation stands at around 7.5 kg/100 km (62 miles) according to Geely, which means that the tanks need some 37.5 kg total. The main positive is refuelling time of just 10-minutes.

"The F12 is Geely’s first commercial vehicle which utilizes hydrogen fuel cell technology and after a 10-minute refueling can run over 500km. Hydrogen fuel cell only emits water and is considered a zero-emission technology."

"The new hydrogen powered F12 city bus was developed by GCV in response to China’s national new energy policy and as part of Geely’s continuing R&D into fuel cell technologies. Hydrogen fuel has several major advantages including diverse availability and environmental friendliness. 

Hydrogen fuel can be extracted from fossil fuels, generated as a by-product of chemical production, and from electrolysis. Hydrogen is the ultimate environmentally friendly fuel for vehicle as it emits no emissions and only produces water. In addition, hydrogen refueling is similar to gasoline or diesel, simplifying infrastructure building.

The F12 bus adopts world-class fuel cell stack technology. In real world operational tests, it had an energy consumption rate of 7.5kg of hydrogen per 100km. A full tank is enough for all-day operation. Through extreme environmental test such as extreme heat, cold, and high altitude, hydrogen fuel cell technology has been proven to be very adaptive.

In addition to its advantages of zero emissions and low energy consumption, the F12 also comes with attractive design, comfortable interior, and multiple smart functions. In terms of smart functionality, the F12 bus comes with real time remote monitoring, road condition warning, remote fault diagnostic, and other intelligent features to assist companies in scheduling and fleet management."

"The C11 pure electric bus is made for a variety of operational scenarios such as city commuting, tourism, and public transportation. Along with a high passenger capacity, the two new models also have the advantages of being quiet and economical."