Friday, 26 July 2019

Side by Side Maps

Old maps give a fascinating insight into the days of old transport, especially railways, which threaded their way across the UK. 
A mapping system is now available on-line which allows the user to choose a map from a list of dates and types and to compare the selected geo-referenced map to a modern map or satellite layers in a split-screen.

Click here to use.

In this screen shot the small town of Staveley in Derbyshire can be compared. Up until the 1960's what was the Great Central ran north to south through the town. There was the 'Chesterfield Loop' that diverged to the west and other lines around that were linked to the numerous collieries in the area. Staveley also had a busy engine shed.
Looking at the modern map there is no sign of any railway activity. Ireland Close is a new road that briefly follows the course of the Great Central line before joining the A6192.

Here's a view of Didcot from the 1960's showing the long time closed line through Hampstead Norris to Newbury. Various sidings are in view that are no longer evident on the modern map.

This is a clever mapping system that gives a fascinating insight into how our country has changed over the years. Depending on internet speeds and the type of old map you select, you might need to allow time for data to load.