Saturday, 21 September 2019

TfL's Electric Fleet is Largest in Europe

Electric double-deck buses were launched on routes 43 and 134 recently, by Mayor of 
London Sadiq Khan. 
He said  “As part of our work to tackle the harmful emissions we breathe and to help tackle the climate emergency, I am proud to announce the first two routes which will exclusively use electric double-deck buses.”
“London’s toxic air is a shameful health crisis which is causing premature deaths and stunting the growth of children’s lungs.

 Optare Metrodecker EV

All 12 of the Low Emission Bus Zones the Mayor promised in his manifesto have been delivered, ahead of the 2020 deadline.

Mr Khan added: “This is part of our £300m plan to transform London’s entire bus fleet, which is set to reduce bus NOx emissions London-wide by an average of 90 per cent by October 2020"

BYD ADL Enviro400EV operating on route 43

Metroline operates routes 43 and 134 using both BYD ADL Enviro400EVs and Optare Metrodecker EVs.

Metroline’s CEO Sean O’Shea says: “Metroline has made a substantial investment and commitment to electric buses, making the UK’s largest single order.

“With the launch of London’s first exclusively-electric double deck routes, which will carry around 18.5 million people across the capital a year, we will continue making real progress in improving air quality in the capital.”

Converting both services to be operated entirely by electric vehicles represents the largest order of electric double deck buses of its kind for London; a significant investment and milestone for Metroline and the TfL network.