Thursday 3 October 2019

Coach & Bus UK Day2 - Outside Display Area

An Enviro400EV was on display outside the Exhibition

 The vehicle was in typical London spec with centre and front doors

Pelican were showing a Yutong E10 emission free bus in London spec which was also available for inspection (below)

Also on display and giving rides to passengers was an autonomous bus which has been trialled at one of the Stagecoach Manchester bus depots.

The 11.5m ADL Enviro200 vehicle has been operating autonomously within Sharston depot, and the technology being used could also provide future road safety benefits for vehicles operating in manual mode. 
The ADL-manufactured bus has been fitted with the CAVstar® system provided by Fusion Processing Ltd. This trial includes the bus being used in autonomous mode within the depot environment, to carry out movements such as parking and moving into the bus wash.

The software being used in the pilot vehicle also forms the basis for a significant autonomous vehicle trial due to get underway in 2020 when a fleet of five Stagecoach autonomous buses similar to this one will operate – carrying passengers - between Fife and Edinburgh, across the Forth Road Bridge Corridor.

Whilst the bus guided itself between obstructions the driver's arms were firmly folded

The technology can also be used to help improve the safety of road users in manually driven vehicles. For example, the sensor system on the vehicle can be used to provide assistance to the driver by warning of cyclists or pedestrians that may be in the blind spot or arrive unexpectedly close to the vehicle.

More news and pictures from Coach & Bus UK will follow. Keep checking this website for updates