Sunday 20 October 2019

NEW VDL CITEA SLE-129 ELECTRIC Launched at Busworld

The VDL Citea SLE-129 Electric is a full size low-entry public transport bus that will be shown for the first time during Busworld in Brussels. 

Its powertrain is based on that of the SLF and is equipped with a 288 kWh high capacity battery pack. This allows the bus to be used regionally at longer intervals between loading sessions.

Fast charging is done via a pantograph mounted on the roof. The bus as it will be shown at Busworld has a layout based on a maximum number of forward-facing seats and also has a third door.

In addition VDL will present at Busworld a Citea SLFA-180 Electric with a 288 kWh high capacity battery pack and a pantograph. VDL say the with over 260 units in operation, the Citea SLFA-180 and SLFA-181 Electric are the forerunners for busy city lines.

The delivery of approximately 420 electric buses is still on the VDL schedule for 2019. In the Netherlands alone, more than 300 electric VDL buses are in operation. They contribute to a cleaner environment by saving CO2 emissions of more than 20,000 tons per year.