Thursday, 21 November 2019

Farewell Livery for LNER HST

London North Eastern Railway will be putting one of their Intercity 125 High-Speed Trains into a very special livery for a series of farewell trips prior the HST's being taken out of service.

 Record holder 43302 at Edinburgh Waverley

Class 43 locomotive No. 43302 along with its relevant power car and its 7 Mk3 coaches will be painted into the British Rail blue/yellow and white livery.

43302 is the world record holder for a diesel locomotive.

The repaint is all part of a special charity farewell tour of the LNER network running from the 18th to the 21st December.

The livery will be the same that is found on the National Railway Museum’s 43002 ‘Sir Kenneth Grange’. shown above and below now 253 001. The power car recently arrived at York museum.

The current farewell journey plan is as follows but could still be subject to change:

18 Dec: Edinburgh to Aberdeen

19 Dec: Aberdeen to Newcastle via Inverness

20 Dec: Newcastle to Leeds via York

21 Dec: Leeds to KGX

The charities that will be benefiting from this railtour are the 
Samaritans and The CALM Zone

LNER is working closely with the National Railway Museum to ensure accuracy is maintained with the train.