Monday, 9 December 2019

2.5 Million Page Views Monday 9th December

Today we reach our 2.5 million page view mark, 
since the launch of the website in 2011.

Many thanks to our regular readers and contributors for helping us currently achieve between 800 and 1,100 page views per day, whilst covering the wide field of public transport. 
We offer daily postings that cover topical news items and events in the transport world. 
We are always pleased to receive photographs that are relevant to our area of coverage which should be sent to

Links below from the early days of the website show what we doing way back in 2011. 
The late Richard Lomas who started the site, was always on his travels with his wife Kath, sending back postings and comments about interesting vehicles.
What has remained constant is our desire to keep readers up to date about the constantly changing transport scene and is what we will continue to do. 
Also we're not a mouthpiece for outspoken critics of the transport industry, instead preferring to concentrate on the positives - there's too much focus on the negatives within the mainstream media, so we aim to strike a balance. 
Thank you again for your interest and support.

Finally, there's a link below to our 'Two Years On' posting telling the story so far as May 2000. We have changed direction in some ways but most of the original theme is still retained. Words from Oliver Foreman are particularly appreciated as he started the original Focus Transport website.

We use the viewing figures as a guide and during the past month have achieved almost 28,000 page views, giving us the confidence that we are bringing you the right mix of subjects.

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Two Years On